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Just conducting a live streaming session will not cause any legal issue as such, but there are few companies who conduct live streaming sessions for lectures and other professional company meetings. Such companies sometimes offer a free download of the entire session for the comfort of the participants so that it would be available for reference at a later point of time. But this downloading would also lead to illegal file sharing by some.

about us

About Us


We are a website company providing online streaming services to individuals and organizations. We have a complete high-end technical platform to enable high quality and uninterrupted service to both the online streaming entity and the audiences to the video.


With almost five years in this field, we never stop at renovating ourselves by bringing in all the latest technological innovations and this is the ultimate reason behind our super good quality, which is a promise, delivered time and again. We go that extra mile and campaign for the streaming session on our sites. This eventually increases the audience turn over for the session.

In case of paid streaming sessions, we take over the responsibility of creating a clear list of paid participants and grant the access to only such paid participants. This takes away the huge burden from the video streaming entity of handling the tough task of filtering and access providing. However we do charge a nominal amount for handling such tasks but our customers never think twice before opting for this service, because we deliver the best and unmatched service.


The major aspect, which each and every person who goes in for online video streaming is concerned, is the transmission & buffering speed of the videos. We have a nonstop and solid transmission technology that takes care of all your Internet connectivity and transmission issues. We assure that the audiences of the session will have an interesting, interactive and engaging live video streaming session.


We always keep a close watch on the quality and depth of the videos streamed. We take sincere efforts to turn the streaming experience profitable and entertaining to all the entities involved and we have succeeded in our effort each time.



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